Performance Art

Video by Mobius Motions

Bistro d'art is a collaboration of Nicolle Botcher and Enjoyce Endless Creativity. It's a live action paint experience, where, during and after the performance the audience can be part of the art installation. The purpose of the installation is to entertain, amaze and promote the venue. The art installation can be performed indoors and outdoors and is fully hand painted. The installation is 3 by 2 meters and 2,4 meters high. The living statue will be live painted by Nicolle. After the painting is finished the audience can take pictures with the live art. Of course it is also possible to make a custom made art installation for your venue.  For bookings and questions contact



this performance is suitable for:

- shopping malls

- Events


- Art fair


- And so much more


Important information:

- Duration live painting: 90 minutes

- Photo moment: 2 x 35 minutes

- Required space: 5 x 4 meters

- The installation (outdoors) has to be anchord on the ground



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