Welcome on my website. My name is Joyce, 30 years old. I life in the Netherlands and I am a creator of stuff. I don't care about one specific style or item. I just love making everything and I only see possibilities. 


in 2008 I became a student at Nimeto. After 3 years I decided that i wanted to start my first business (I was 19!). At first it was mainly being a performer. In 2019 I began missing interior and design. And then Covid hit! I was still mainly performer! I promised myself that Covid would not effect my decisions and started Enjoyce Endless Creativity in Juli 2020. After more than a year, September 2021,  I finally had the courage to quit the business I started in 2011 and focus all my attention on Enjoyce Endless Creativity. In the future I will grow this business and hope to make as many people happy wit the art, design and acts I create :)







Enjoyce Endless Creativity

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