When your starting a business or when you already have a business your branding is important. Branding creates recognizability and your customers will remember you. Key to a recognizable branding is cohesiveness. In a branding kit that means using the same colors, fonts and graphic elements etc.


The second important thing is creating a branding that reflex you as a person or your product. When you sell cowboy hats you don't want to have a pink on pink branding. Last but not least you have to be proud of your business branding. Don't forget when people buy your product or service they will engage with you.


What can I do to make your business stay cohesive? I created multiple affordable branding kits. Whether you only need a business card or a full branding kit I got you. Please check out my stores.


Via Enjoyce Digital on Etsy you can find branding items as canva templates. Via Enjoyce Digital on Zazzle you can find branding items where you can add your business info and it will be delivered to your doorstep :)


My mission is to create a branding kit for every profession. I'm not there yet, so if you have a business but can't find a fitting kit? Please contact me. Also please contact me if you need a certain product for your branding and have not found it yet. And of course, if you need custom branding contact me :)


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